How it all began

Or, a master closet reveal, a salmon carpet and a flower pot.

So, why a blog?

A bit over a year ago, we were living in England, in a rented furnished flat that we couldn’t make any changes to. It was an OK place, but it wasn’t home, and I felt homesick and frustrated, and longed for a place of my own to personalise. The, um, décor in the flat left much to be desired too, and only fueled my desire to create my own space.

Exhibit A: the delightful salmon colored carpet as a tasteful backdrop to my (then) PC components


Salmon Coloured Carpet - UgleeHouse
Exhibit A: the salmon coloured carpet


Not only was the colour of this carpet an affront to my eyeballs, it was also stained and marked with mysterious burns (allegedly a previous tenant managed to set off the fire alarm for the whole building by smoking in there, I can believe it). I heartily wished that I could drag that ugly thing out and finish off what the previous tenant started in a fiery pile of blazing glory.

So I waited and dreamed, and whiled away my time, doing pointless things like playing the Sims for the sole purpose of building houses (be kind, my job didn’t allow me to get out much).

All that changed when my husband came across this master closet reveal via Lifehacker from My Love 2 Create.


Master Closet Makeover, MyLove2Create


He thought it was pretty cool (I think the words organised and tidy may have been mentioned) and showed it to me. I thought it was cool too, and, after clicking around a bit, discovered the realm of home/DIY blogs. It was like a whole new world was revealed to me, and I was instantly hooked. I spent the next few months obsessively reading blogs, bookmarking things and longing for a place of my own.

Cut to a few months later, we had moved back to SA, and, after a whirlwind search, had bought and moved into our current home. We certainly didn’t choose the place for its looks (hence the name of this blog). It hasn’t aged gracefully with its vibacrete front wall, and Spanish-style burglar bars that gives it a rather prison-like vibe from the street. Not much curb appeal there! But, it’s in a great neighbourhood, is structurally sound and a good size. We specifically looked for a home with a dated interior so that we could redecorate and renovate to create a home personal to us.

Which brings me to the flowerpot.

This rather small and unassuming creation was my first (little) home DIY project for this house. It was left here by the previous owner and is of rather cunning design as it covers the drain outside the back door. Initially it was covered in flaking brown paint, spiderwebs and sadness. I stripped it, sanded it (with the then new and much loved mouse 1.0, we’re on mouse 3.0 by now) and spray painted it a dark grey. Much better, no?


Resprayed Flowerpot - UgleeHouse
Exhibit B: the flowerpot


After finishing it I felt an inexplicable need to show pictures of it to anyone who would stand still long enough to look, a trend that has continued with all the bigger more ambitious projects that came after it. So, instead of driving my friends and co-workers into a fit of glazed eyed insanity, I figured I’d better just make a blog of my own to post this crap on.

So here we are.


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